Angry Birds Rio updated!

Just when i was about to remove the app from my list (it hadn't been updated in a while).  Good to know that some companies haven't forgotten their older apps.  I'M LOOKING AT YOU GOOGLE, FOR YOUR LACK OF UPGRADES FOR READER.
New Rio 1.5.0:
It's samba time -- with 24 new levels and new power-ups! Angry Birds Rio now has Sling Scope laser targeting and Super Seeds to supersize your birds, PLUS never-before-seen power-ups: Samba Burst and TNT Drop!
Collect stars to unlock 18 special Star Levels!
Earn feathers to unlock 6 Mighty Eagle levels!
Get 20 free power-ups!
Check back daily for your free power-up!
Dance your way to destruction with Samba Burst!
Send a "special delivery" with the TNT drop!

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