A Farewell to the old kingdom

The year was 2012, late December.
The loyal knights of AiC stood at the ready and ever vigilant. Tom Gray and Ryan Moore, the Red Guards who fought for the kingdom of AiC remained loyal to the King for years, served him at every request.

One day the king was brought to his knees by illness, the kingdom struggled in his absence. A mysterious man appeared and took his place as the position of power, but no one knew who he was.
Shortly after the kingdom was reduced to shame and lacked guidance, its residents within had departed and food and water were becoming scarce. The people cried, "We need a king!" but their preys were left unanswered, so the people turned to the Red Guards. The people pleaded their case, but the Red Guards were helpless, as they too relied on the king who was whisked away.

The Kingdom of AiC fell on dark times. The people had gone, quality of life had severely dropped and the preaching of stories had run dry. Before the Red Guards knew what had happen, the kingdom was in shambled, Ryan Moore and Tom Gray stood aside shoulder to shoulder in amazement and disbelief as the kingdom they once called home was in flames.

Ryan Moore and Tom Gray glanced at each other, despite the chaos with a single nod they knew exactly what must come next. They had packed their bags with whatever they had remaining, quietly stepped in to the Kings chambers and announced their plans for departure. Without question, the king granted their leave, little knowing of the troubles that had befallen his once beloved kingdom.

So the former Red Guards of AiC traveled together in a quest, unknowing of where they were going, or who'd they meet along the way. Having faith in each other, they hadn't a single fear, as a dawn of a new age was among them. The years fought together had established a special bond on the battle field, so as danger approached it took little communication to know how to turn the tides of battle.

Tom Gray and Ryan Moore approached an unknown location. As they advanced forth they discovered an abandoned Coliseum where countless battles lurked in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike. Tom Gray reached down to his hip drawing his S-Pen from his Galaxy Note II, Throwing the Note II to Ryan Moore, as he grabbed it out the air and rushed forward as the fearless leader. Tom Gray followed just behind with the S-Pen at the ready, as the time for war was among us.

We entered the Coliseum running with a murderous war cry, and the enemies who challenged us stood ready. The odds were severely against Ryan Moore and Tom Gray, but just as they were about to enter the fight, they felt a hand placed on their shoulder. There stood Mark Lastiwka, Cass Morrison, and Sylvain Le Bourhis who emerge from behind us to take a stance against the struggles ahead and to reassure us we're never alone. The former AiC Red Guardd stood with their loyal followers and supporters as a band of misfits looking to spark the next era of greatness and reestablish a Kingdom where they can once again call home.


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