Protect your Pixel 8a with a Scout

I used to love 'naked phones'.  No case, just a way to show off really what device you got and all the design features the OEM intended to be shown off.

A quick tumble can change that entirely and I've only ever had one fall that caused any damage, I've had a few where a small misstep has made a bit of a blemish on the phone, and... well, I can't stand any sort of marring of it.  Call me what you like, but I love a phone in pristine condition.  So, let's protect it.

Normally with the Pixels they usually have their own Google case, rubbery plastic coverings, ore or less and they're fine.  But, if you want protection, let's get something a little more serious.

UAG makes some great cases, and saved my P30 back in the day from something more catastrophic. 

They reached out with an offer to try out the Scout model for the Pixel 8a which will run you $30USD.

I like the case is not just a plasticy rubber that can be ... well, not slippery, but could tend itself to 'sliding', this has a bit of a matte texture to it so it gives you that assurance in hand that it's not goin to easily slide away out of your hand.

The bracing around the corners, and even the back give you the confidence that if it's going to land, those will protect the device where they tend to be weakest.  That, and it's not at all that much bigger than the phone.  

This isn't some major brick around your device.

Also, given that it's the same price as the 'official' Google one, I'm going to posit that it provides more protection, and definitely feels more protective.

Another feature when looking at cases is to note how the buttons feel while it's on - and this doesn't feel like it's loose, or you have to press too hard to initiate.  

It seems like a small thing, but having had cases with thicker walls, the simple changing the volume becomes an arduous task.

Overall, a great option for you to consider when protecting your phone.

Because, you do want to protect your phone.  Trust me.