Google's June 2024 Pixel update is here!

Loading it all up on my the Tablet, 7Pro, 8a and 8, looking forward to all the new features they're adding in this June 2024 update:

  • The 8a and 8 will get Gemini Nano (yay) built in - you will need to turn it on as a Developer Option tho' (so if you use Square, you'll lose the ability to tap to receive payment with Dev Options turned on)
  • Sound Recorder will now have individuals identified
  • 8, 8Pro and 8a now can use USB-C out for HDMI (what, not the Tablet?)
    • So excited for this, even those it's just mirroring, and not a desktop environment... yet
  • Find My Device (even when off) - tho' it was kinda already there
  • Phone number look up - find out who called if you don't know who it is, Google, just might
  • Paypal is now in Google Wallet on your Watch
  • Doorbell integrations with the Tablet

And more too...

What have you tried out?