Unboxing the OnePlus 12

You've seen my review on the great 'bang for your buck' OnePlus 12R, now it's time to get to the 'bigger brother' model, the OnePlus 12, well at least the unboxing first.

For me, the big advantages why you step up and pay the extra $400 (go from $669 to $1069) are:

  • Quadruple the storage from 128GB to 512GB (tho' there is a 256GB model)
  • Double the RAM from 8GB to 16GB
  • Wireless <-- and that's the deal breaker for me
  • Size up from 6.78 - 6.82; but really it's going from FHD+ (2780x1264) to QuadHD (3168x1440)
  • Up your camera game; not only do you get now a 3x optical zoom lens, each of the other camera lenses are tuned by Hasseblad and have a higher MP
    • Main - actually remains at 50MP (but higher spec)
    • Ultrawide - goes from 8MP to 48MP

Stay tuned for a full review from me shortly on it (as well as I contemplate doing the full swap from Pixel to OnePlus)