Google's One VPN may be going away - for something else

So, I am not usually a fan of doom and gloom, those reports of "oh another one to pile on the Google Graveyard"... but it looks like Google is adding another name to the list of services no longer active.

Google's VPN.

Now, I use the VPN, it came as part of my $1.99/month Google One Plan.  At first I didn't use it much, but lately with travel and where I work only having public Wifi, I've been all in lately using it.  Had a weird situation at a conference where it would shut off connection to wifi if it was on (wondering if it's a setting of that router).

Google is claiming that nobody isn't using it and are changing focus.

Now I say claiming, as all I can find at the moment is the article from Android Authority where someone had sent in an email.  I can't find a statement from Google, and I haven't received one of these emails.

The email in question mentions that they are discontinuing the VPN, however, Pixel users will be able to still access the service via a yet to be 'built in' setting.

I'm torn.  I'm happy that my Pixel 8 (and my 7 Pro / 7a) will have the feature still; but then my tablets (OnePlus Pad, Tab S4) will have it removed.  I'm guessing even that access to it on Chromebooks via the One app, will also be gone (if it's only staying in Pixel settings).

So, have you used the service?  Do you use a VPN?