Scosche has a plethora of cool new accessories

It's CES 2024 and that means a bunch of tech players are showing off their new toys and tools at the big event.

Scosche (booth 20918 Pepcom Central Hall) is unveiling several new cool tech:

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System With Qi2 Wireless Charging

Building on their cool charging station in the past, the new model has an updated design, but still has the features of modularity... meaning you can remove sections and add others in as needed.

MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1

I do like the ability to mount my phone in the car, and this model has 3 ways it mount - to your dash, to the back of a dash display, or by vents.  The articulating head allows you to place the phone just about anywhere and get it to be seen any way you wish (and charges).

MagSafe Compatible MagicMount wireless charging phone mounts

There are a few other mounts available - including this cool 'flex' model

PowerVolt wall chargers



I'm one of those "you can't have too many chargers", and their PV plugs are just handy in a variety of port configurations

StrikeLine Cobra magnetic cable

Now, this is one I'm looking forward to trying out - a cable with built in magnets to help it stay coiled/organized.

Here's their news release:

Scosche® Industries To Introduce New Accessories Featuring The Latest Technologies, At The 2024 International CES

Las Vegas, Nev. – January 8, 2024 SCOSCHE Industries, a leading innovator of award - winning consumer technology, powersports and car audio products and accessories and the #1 Mount, FM Transmitter, and 30W Wall Charger brand* in North America, is pleased to announce that they will be demonstrating their cutting edge new products at the International CES. Visit their booth in LVCC Central Hall, (#20918) and at the Encore Tower Suites (by appointment).

At the 2023 International CES, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced the new Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard that delivers a close magnetic hold and exact device placement, resulting in faster, more efficient charging. At the 2024 CES, Scosche will be demonstrating their upcoming Qi2 certified chargers and charging phone mounts.

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System With Qi2 Wireless Charging

The customizable BaseLynx 2.0 System features a Qi2 - certified magnetic wireless charging stand to simultaneously charge Qi2 - enabled phones, along with an AirPods Wireless Charging Case. The black BaseLynx 2.0 line launches with four interchangeable, connectable modules: the Qi2 Wireless Charging Stand; the Multi-Device Vertical Charger – with 60W of smart shared power (between three USB-C ports);the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger; and the Powered EndCap, with a 67W USB-C port and a 120V AC outlet. The white BaseLynx 2.0 system with MagSafe is available now exclusively at and at select Apple stores.

Scosche will be introducing their Qi2 certified phone mounts at CES, including the MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1. This revolutionary new wireless charging mount offers three in-vehicle mount options: Dash, Locking Vent, and Back of Screen/Tablet. The mount head pivots and slides on an aluminum rail, offering precise placement for optimum viewing. It also features a built-in cable management system that coils and conceals the cable behind the mount head.

Scosche’s line-up of MagSafe Compatible MagicMount wireless charging phone mounts quickly charge both MagSafe iPhone models, as well as non-MagSafe iPhone and Android models using Scosche’s (included) MagicRing™ Adapter.

Keeping portable devices charged and ready for use is simple and fast with Scosche’s new range of PowerVolt wall chargers featuring GaN technology for safe, cool and efficient charging of all portable devices from phones to laptops. They come in a variety of power options from a single port 30W, right up to a 150W four port shared power desk charger.

All of these new PowerVolt chargers are made with 75% Certified Post Consumer Recycled Plastics. Many feature folding prongs making them perfect for travel.

In-vehicle charging is super convenient with the new Scosche PowerVolt 40W dual USB-C port car adapter that features an elegant streamlined design.

Finding the right cable to use with a PowerVolt charger is easy with Scosche StrikeLine Charge and Sync cables.

At CES they will debut the new StrikeLine USB4 High Performance cable and the game-changing StrikeLine Cobra magnetic cable. With magnets built into the Cobra’s braided jacket, it will stay neatly coiled for a tidy desk or, attach to a magnetic surface. It will even coil on itself to use as a phone mount.