Google used CES to announce some new features

Well, that's a turn.  Usually, Google isn't announcing anything at CES.  They usually save it for their own I/O event; but today at CES they announced 5 new features for Android

So here they are:

  1. Nearby Share is now Quick Share.  I remember when we had 'share by Bluetooth', and I think we can still do that; Nearby Share was a superior way to that.  Apple had 'Air Drop' and I never got the point of it, and then I tried Nearby Share between my Chromebook and my phone, and HOLEEE fuck.  Why hadn't I been using this since forever ago?  Well, like me, not many people really had tried Nearby Share, so they've now partnered with Samsung, who had their version called "Quick Share", so it's a blending of the 2 styles.
  2. 'Cast' can now be done with 'Fast Pair'.  I blew my kid's mind the other day when he finally agreed to get set up on a Pixel and we connected a device; how immediately something popped up to connect.  Google Home can start to see new items like a camera that connects or a new Mini.  Well, soon we'll have Fast Pair working with Chromecast enabled TVs.
  3. Cast will be found in more apps.  We watch a lot of streaming lately, and been finding it funny which apps we have that we can't just grab our phone and click 'cast' on it.  Well, there'll be more now; and they name specifically TikTok
  4. Matter will be 'more'.  Matter is the platform for a lot of the 'smarthome' devices (lighbulbs, plugs, etc...) and Google's gone in on that and then helping ensure more devices to act as hubs and relays for your smart home.
  5. Android Auto is going to be found in more vehicles