It's Pixel Day - Made by Google 2023

Who doesn't love a day of a bunch of new Googley announcements.

Today the Google team announced a few things around the new Pixel products, but the real announcement really centres around AI and their use of machine learning to make the hardware to do the neat things that'll make us go 'whoah'.

To head it off they showcased how the AI models will help GBoard do more in terms of proofreading before you hit send on that message.

You can even start to have it summarize websites.

Forwarding that smarts into the audio realm they announced the update to Pixel Buds Pro to intelligently be able to listen around it while you've got some tunes rocking and if your colleague starts talking to you and you start talking back ('sorry, one second...') - instead of you digging out the earbuds to pause (it'll know to pause when you pull it out), it'll just know to pause and set the mode to 'transparent' so you can hear them better.  

This happens a lot to me.  There's often I have to tap it to pause, but then it's still in noise cancel mode so the other person isn't clear so I end up pulling one out of my ears.

They're also updating the Pixel fold to allow for dual screen translation - meaning you can share your conversation back in forth with another person each on a screen they can see.

Google Home devices can start getting 'summary highlights' from camera activity.

Cool stuff, but what about new stuff that we can touch and feel.

The Pixel Watch 2

This looks the same as the 1, but they said it was a 'new design', uses the same band mechanism but will have a new quad core CPU.

There will be a better battery (claiming 24hrs of use, which will be welcome as I'm good if it has maybe 30% by the end of the day). 

The battery will charge up to 12 hours of use with just 30 minutes on the charger too.

It's going to be tougher glass (mine looks absolutely beat up)

It'll have a 'safety check' feature where you can set a specific time that it'll check in for you, and if you don't respond it'll contact emergency (i.e. you're out for a hike).  This will work even if you don't use the LTE. 


It now looks like it has 9 sensors (compared to 1) which should equate to a 40% improvement in accuracy and better ability to test in more 'positions'. 

It has a new skin temperature sensor and a 'continuous electrodermal activity sensor' (useful for checking 'stress' or more accurate workout tracking).

Now, it still uses Fitbit, which that app has more AI to give summaries and feedback (if you have pro)

Pixel 8 - now with 7 years of support!

Using new Tensor G3 and built with 100% recycled aluminum, and even the packaging is plastic free.

The device is even easier to repair after partnering with iFixit and others to ensure there are details and tools available for the DIY'er.

They have branded the screen as Super Actua Display which has a brightness up to 2400nits at 1-120Hz.

On the back by the camera there'll be a temperature sensor (which they have an application with the FD pending for checking your own temperature for you to use with health apps). 

Machine learning is now 2x faster than the pixel 6.

Call assist features with 'phone tree' (interpreting which options), clear calling, call screening [will work on watch later this year] 

Camera Features

  • Video AI - video nightsight / boost
  • Audio Magic Eraser - get rid of that barking dog in the background
  • Group Photo - get the best shot of each person over multiple shots combined into one
  • Magic Editor (item/object selection and editing) 
  • Audio guided framing assistance 
  • 50MP / 48MP ultrawide / 48MP 10x 
  • Pro controls for editing 

Pixel 8 Po will have foundation models built in (on-board), meaning: 150x more complex than P7, Recorder that can do summaries, Smart replies (contextual to conversation), and Zoom Enhance

Pixel 8

  • 6.2" @ 2400x1080 up to 120Hz
  • Google Tensor G3
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128-256GB storage
  • 50MP (f/1.68, 1.2µm, 1/1.31" , 82°) + 12MP (f/2.2, 1.25µm, 125.8°)
  • 10.5MP (f/2.2, 1.22um, 95°)
  • 4485mAh

Pixel 8 Pro

  • 6.7" @ 2992x1344 up to 120Hz
  • Google Tensor G3
  • 12GB RAM
  • 128GB-1TB storage
  • 50MP (f/1.68, 1.2µm, 1/1.31" , 82°) + 48MP (f/1.95, 0.8µm, 125.5°) + 48MP (f/2.8, 0.7µm, 21.8°, 5x optical)
  • 10.5MP (f/2.2, 1.22um, 95°)
  • 4950mAh
  • includes temperature sensor

Best of all there's deals.  Buy the 8 and get Pixel Buds Pro for free.  Buy the 8 Pro and you'll get a Watch 2 for free