iRobot's new OS 7.0 rolling out to some Roombas

Recently the iRobot app updated for a bit of a new layout, but also some of their devices were getting a new update to iRobot OS 7.0.  (Rolling out now)

I think the new 'scrub' feature may be great for our Combo j7+

iRobot OS 7.0

·        Dirt Detective: Plans, Predicts and Drives a Superior Cleaning Experience

o   Powered by iRobot OS, first-of-its kind Dirt Detective intelligence lets the Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+ automate where it cleans based on its cleaning history, so customers don’t have to think about it. It learns from past cleaning missions to automatically prioritize dirtier rooms and adjust settings like suction, cleaning passes and scrubbing.

·        SmartScrub – Power and Pressure for a Pristine Clean

o   New Roomba Combo j9+ and existing Roomba Combo j7+ customers will be able to enable SmartScrub in targeted rooms, and their robot will scrub back-and-forth with consistent downward pressure to eradicate messes. SmartScrub tackles stubborn messes like grime with 2x deeper scrubbing.