Googling is 25

It's hard to think that something as ubiquitous as Google is... well, younger than me.  It seems so much more... 'mature' (not sure if that says something about them or about me).

I'll admit, I wasn't a fan at the beginning.  I remember searching and it being good, and then everybody jumping on the Gmail invites but I was content with Hotmail.  If only I had moved sooner...

Gmail gave way to more innovations by Google.  We know a lot of them haven't survived and I do that nostalgic pining for them now and again (Reader and Plus are my 2 biggest WTFs...).

That being said, the fact that it all lead up to Android.  How cool is that.  

The company has done some reflections of their own over their time which you can read here on how they've grown as a 'search' company:  

25 momentous moments of search:

I remember coming across things like the Google Doodle and various easter eggs (do a barrel roll)

And when we're at band it's almost easier for us to Google 'metronome' and have that pop up than find the metronome app

5 ways that search has improved

And when you come to think of it, how easy it is to 'Google' something now.  You don't have to spell it out, you don't have to say what country - there's so much that it just can infer and ... well, I for one, love it.  Makes my life easy. 

Keep at it Goog!

Now, for them to just get Bard in Canada