Google kills another = Podcasts to live on in YouTube Music

Add another one to the bone pile for Google... le sigh.
They havea  long history of building apps and getting moderate interest in it to find that it didn't really land the way they wanted to and killing it.  Sometimes the service can be found in a zombie form within another service, like Google Play Music falling into YouTube Music.
Well, Google Podcasts is now going to find itself in the same fate.
Google Podcasts, a simple podcas 'catcher' that allowed you to subscribe to your favourite audio feed show.  I never really got into it myself, subscribing to a few podcasts.  Never been much of a podcast guy.  But, ironically enough, this year I had some time to enjoy longer walks every day and I was listening to audiobooks and podcasts (found I had fallen behind on my favourite one, Everything is Alive).
Just as I was starting to get back into it, Google announces its death.
Now, a while back, they had already discussed the integration of Podcasts into the YTM app, but I didn't see how it worked (i.e. I didn't see how to add new podcasts for subscriptions and the ones I had subscribed to in the other app weren't synced over), so I never gave it much further thought.
The app itself will be gone by next year, with them saying that YTM will work the same - I don't see any specific date listed for 'when' in 2024, so start making the transition now.