Android new features drop for September 2023

Who doesn't love a batch of freshly baked features to put into your monthly update.

September's update is bringing a bunch of new options this month:

At A Glance Widget - although already part of Pixel Launcher, this AI inspired widget is now available to a wider audience

Accessibility "Lookout" feature is coming where the AI can spell out what it can tell is in an image and even answer questions about it.

Google Wallet now lets you import more items via photos.  I don't have many passes for me to use here (and stupid TD won't use Google Pay still).

Zoom (and Webex) in your car.  

Really?  Someone WANTS to do that?  I guess it being on Android Auto is a little easier than it being on your phone and having your phone on a mount, etc...

Get your 'Fit' fix in a Google Routine.

Details about Fitbit or Google Fit can now be spoken out in one of your routines.