Google's got a new way to set your Home automations

I love my Google Home set up.  I've got smart speakers which I can listen to music, turn on lights, tell my smart TVs or displays to watch movies, have it tell my vacuum to clean up, see who's at the door, or find out how much time is left on my washer or oven.

What a time to be alive.

Now the even better part of all is you can automate these smart things with simple commands.  At the end of the night when I go upstairs I can say "darken the downstairs" and it'll turn off the lights in my office, craft room, basement room, laundry, etc...  I can set it at 45 minutes before my son has to leave for school to tell him a joke, remind him to shower and then keep reminding him every 15 minutes.

My favourite is telling a smart display to "let's wash the dishes" which will cause it to reply with "let's get sudsy" and it'll start listening to the local radio on TuneIn (which is easier as, for some reason, as it often mishears "listen to CBC Radio Thunder Bay" as something else - tho' funnier, if it ever mishears and responds about something about dishes and some form of sex act, which I can't figure out why).

The set up of the automations on the app it's pretty straight forward, but there's now a new way.  A while back Google allowed you to access some of your Google Home items on the web at

There you could see your cameras and what automations you had already set up.

Now there's a new "+Add new" button which allows you to write a script.

Yeah, a literal coding script.  The coding nerds out there will like it, and I'm sure they'll probably find better ways of setting things than I could with the walkthrough ways of the app (which you can't do on the web, oddly enough).

Maybe I'll have to play around and see what I can build.  Have you tried it?