Scosche announces new dual port 35W PD GaN charger - PowerVolt PD35

You can never have too many chargers wherever you are.  I hate hunting around for one, and then making sure does it have the right cord or speed I need...

Scosche makes a bunch of great chargers and they've just announced a new PowerVolt PD35 that has dual USB-C ports to share the 35W output.  Depending on if you put one in (it'll take the 35) or 2 in (it'll determine what each needs to share of the output).

Scosche® Industries Announces Availability of 35W Dual-Port
Power Delivery Wall Charger Featuring Smart Power Sharing, Fast Charging and GaN Technology

Oxnard, Ca. – June 15, 2023 SCOSCHE – (pronounced skōsh/skohsh) Industries, a leading innovator of award-winning consumer technology, powersports and car audio products and accessories and the #1 Mount Brand* is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new compact 35W dual USB-C port wall and travel charger.
The PowerVolt PD35 offers the advanced technology and everyday convenience of smart shared power, which means if you plug one device into the PowerVolt PD35, the entire 35W is available to charge that device. If you connect a second device, the charger will automatically share the power between the two ports, sensing which device requires the greater share. For example, if you plug an iPhone into one port, and an iPad® into the other, the charger will automatically deliver a greater share of the power (20W) to the iPad and 15W to the iPhone.
Thanks to the latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology inside, the PowerVolt PD35 offers a compact form factor as well as faster, cooler, and safer charging. All Scosche PowerVolt GaN chargers have built-in safety circuitry that protects devices from overcharging and overheating and is safe for use with smaller devices.
Powerful and adaptable, the PowerVolt PD35 delivers the fastest charging experience for phones, charging compatible iPhone® models up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. It will quickly charge USB-C devices including tablets, cameras and even smaller laptops. Compact, and with convenient folding prongs, the PowerVolt PD35 is perfect for travel and takes up minimal space on a wall socket, power strip or in a pocket or bag.
The PowerVolt PD35 is available now on and at select retailers at an MSRP of $49.99.