Prepping the hardware of the Roomba Combo j7+

Alright, the new Roomba is unboxed and there's just a few things to do to get it ready for it's debut in the household.

[technically speaking, they do suggest you give about a 1/2 foot of distance between the base and any 'obstacle', but it works just fine how it is]

In terms of hardware you set the base for plug in (and I didn't realize that there was a cored wrap option), and set the cleaner on the base to start charging.  It'll give you a specific tone for when it has enough charge to set it up in the app (get to that later).

Now, for vacuuming, it's got the rollers already preinstalled, it has the sweeping brush installed, but what it doesn't have ready yet is the mop pad, and its reservoir is empty.

Let's get it ready for that.

Once all those tasks are done, and then it's charged up, it's time to set it up in the app [coming up next].