Stadia refunds are coming

I still am in disbelief (I'm shocked... Well not that shocked gif) that Stadia is closing.  
I'm the die hard where I'll play right up until the day they close.
What I don't really care about is the refunds.  I sunk the hardware costs (a couple controllers) but I never bought a game.  I subsisted on what they gave with the Pro subscription.
However, there are a bunch of people who did buy games on the platform who won't be able to make use of that purchase much longer.  They are wanting their refund so they can then buy that game on another platform.
Google is starting the process of their refunds for folks and are pledging to have everything done by the end of life date.
Now they are going to refund directly back to the method they had received payment on.  If that credit card doesn't exist they'll see that when it doesn't work and will try to make contact.