Apple told to use USB-C for phones by 2024

Now this is an interesting turn.  Apple's always been big on their own proprietary plugs, 30pin, lightning, thunderbolt, mag... however, in recent years their Macbooks have adopted USB-C as their charger of preference.

This has always led to the question of why wouldn't they also go to that for their phones?  The cynic in me is saying "then they can stranglehold the cable production".  But, that's just me being cynical.

It appears there have been others, and recently the European Union folks have legislated that Apple will have to sell phones that use a universal plug by the fall of 2024.

Now, would Apple make a Lightning version and a USB-C version for their regional manufacturing/sales... doubtful.  It's much easier to make one port.  

This may be a win for us Android folks who have been on the 'c' since ... oh, I think the Moto Z was first for me, that's like 6 years ago.

Since Android jumped on the C wagon, C paraphernalia was hard to get, and only in the past few years (do we credit the Macbook for 'popularizing it'?) have it been very widely available.

With the iPhone going USB-C it means even more accessories are going to be made as the iPhone tends to be the golden calf for these accessories.

So there'll be some spill over benefit for us.

Looking forward to it!  Although, by 2024, do you think they'll have a new plug; or, will iPhone go Qi only?