Google's new Pixel Buds Pro

Cannot wait to get my ears over these new Pixel Buds Pro earbuds that come in at $260CDN and are slated for 'coming soon'.

The big new feature this year is ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION.  Previously it had an 'adaptive sound' feature which wasn't the same.

They also include 'transparency mode' which acts like they aren't there where it feeds sound it hears right through to your ears.

I'm hoping that the Pros are just slightly louder with a little more oomph as I always feel like the 2nd Gen model needs to be turned up but I realize I'm at full.

Interestingly enough, the Pros seem to have lost their early loop that I loved how it then kept the buds in with some extra 'holding' for your ear.  These will just sit, and I've never had much luck finding the right rubber cup size to keep something in place.

The case is also wireless charging, includes 'find my device' features (even for just one) and the battery now lasts 31hrs.