Google IO talked a lot of Pixels

Okay, did you get to watch the Day 1 keynote from Google IO?

It was pretty cool and I had to rewatch a few things; but here are my quick takeaways:

  • First up, the Pixel 6a, we knew was coming.  Since the 3 there has always been an 'a' variant.  So this was no surprise.  It'll come in $200 less than the 6 and be out soon.
  • Then they gave us the teaser of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The new camera ovals look neat and you can see it in the 6a as well aside from the next gen Tensor chip.  It was just a tease tho. 
  • Then there's the Pixel Buds Pro that's also coming soon.  I can't tell you how much I love my 2nd gen Pixel Buds (and even have my OG ones); so a Pro model for $260 is going to be welcomed addition to my music family.  I hope it's going to be a bit louder.
  • I've been waiting for YEARS for them to finally announce a Pixel Watch.  This will be an immediate buy for me as I love Wear OS.  My only fear is that with the continued mention of Fitbit, will Google Fit still be a thing?
  • If they teased us with the Pixel 7, they absolutely made an evil tease about an upcoming tablet in 2023 that will be how they're going to make transition between devices seamless as well as redeveloping many apps for proper tablet interface.  I'm piqued.