Mobvoi partners with Permobil to make wheelchairs more accessible

So Mobvoi has been making some great smartwatches for a while and the TicWatch E3 is a very common sight these days.

Smartwatches are great for not only staying connected to your phone for notification, but also for tracking your physical activity: steps, heartrate etc...

But it can do so much more, which is realized with a new partnerships with Permobil.  Permobil makes wheelchairs and accessories, and specifically a SmartDrive system that can turn a manual wheelchair into a smart one.

The partnership between the 2 means that the PushTracker software needed to control the SmartDrive is now on the users wrist.

Not only that, but the control can be from the app, or via gestures.

Mobvoi Partners with Permobil to Launch TicWatch E3 Power Assist and Health Tracking Solution

Permobil’s manual wheelchair users can control their SmartDrive power assist and measure their heart activities data using the TicWatch E3

San Francisco, April 20, 2022 - Mobvoi Inc., a leading artificial intelligence-wearable company backed by Google™ and Volkswagen, is announcing its latest partnership with Permobil, a global leader in advanced rehabilitation technology, by bringing their manual wheelchair users the SmartDrive PushTracker E3, a power assist solution and health tracking software with Mobvoi’s TicWatch E3 smartwatch. Mobvoi’s TicWatch was the first smart wearable designed to control the SmartDrive in an effort to leverage everyday technology and encourage fitness and health for manual wheelchair users across the globe.

The TicWatch E3 becomes the PushTrack E3 when Mobvoi and Permobil connect. It is designed to enable Permobil wheelchair users to drive their wheelchairs hands-free. With gesture-activated controls, you can start the SmartDrive feature with a tap on your TicWatch E3 which connects to your wheelchair wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Permobil users can track their daily activities with the SmartDrive and PushTracker app on the TicWatch E3 and on their phones. The SmartDrive app tracks your distance and battery usage for you while the TicWatch E3 counts your pushes as the PushTracker. On the app, users can track their journeys, distance and set goals based on mobility and health-related needs, and receive daily tips to stay active. 

With the TicWatch E3, there are advanced heart rate sensors that monitor heart rate in real-time when active and resting that are logged into a weekly graph. When the TicWatch E3 detects any unusual heart rate changes, the user is alerted. Additionally, the sensors also monitor and record your blood oxygen level at regular intervals throughout the day and night and track your light, deep and REM sleep while providing deep insights on how to create better sleep habits.

“We are excited to partner with Permobil as they’re introducing the most advanced and convenient rehabilitation tech that increases the mobility and independence of wheelchair users,” said Carol Wu, Vice President of Mobvoi, “We designed the TicWatch brand with artificial intelligence as a core component of how the product connects people’s digital selves with their offline lives, so we’re proud to offer the TicWatch E3 in a way that continues our commitment of helping people live active and healthier lives.”

The TicWatch E3 frame is made of a premium polycarbonate frame that allows a durable and ultra-lightweight and comfortable design at 32g. The rubber watch straps are durable and breathable on the skin and come in three different colors, black, blue and yellow. The battery capacity is 380mAH and features Essential Mode, which automatically kicks in when the battery percentage drops below five percent. 

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