City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow

Another game we have this month from the Pro library of Stadia is City Legends: Curse of the Crimson Shadow.

A puzzle game that you have to solve and figure out why some witches are locking people in their video camera... or something.  Really the story isn't important, I do like a good logic puzzle.

But that's the thing about these puzzle games, there's no real logic to them, it's just click around.

Sure, you may need oil to clean off rust, but why would a can of oil be hiding in a gargoyle and the only way to get it is to find a ruby to put in his eye...

I get it, it's just a game, but come on.  Some of these are pretty far fetched.

I finished the main part (it was a pain to do so) and here's just a bit of the 'bonus chapter'