Google finally gives Pixel 6 the March update

Better late than never, right?

But... that's not the point of the Pixel.  It's to get it when it's done.  The 4 and 5 got their updates weeks earlier.


But here it is:

Here are the highlights:

Text to speech for phone calls.  The option is available once you're in a call that you can bring up the live caption option, but there's now an option to do it sort of in reverse; type away and it'll speak for you.

Emoji options.  You can 'build' a custom emoji sticker in the GBoard app now... for those of you who use them.

Battery widget.  Kinda neat to see.  Anything that you have that connects to your phone and has a battery indicator, it'll show on there.

Also, the At A Glance widget now lets you click the date to go to the calendar.  Pretty sure that wasn't in the February drop (it was for the 4a5G tho').