Scosche Air Purifier - help you work from home stay fresh

Well, looks like there could be some glimmer on the horizon of going back to the office, but in the interim I'm still whiling away my time in the basement.

I have my Honeywell for the bigger part of the den, but in my little corner of my office, it'd be nice to have a little one.   Scosche (who you've seen some other reviews) makes this little portable air purifier and sent one to me to try out.

I thought it'd be especially great for my teenager's room.  Let's check it out.

So the unit runs usually about $79USD on their site, but it's on sale at the moment.  I've found a few other places a little cheaper here and there.

To be honest it's a little pricy for essentially a fan, but it does work.  It does have a draw intake to bring in the air and throws it up to spread out in the room.

The sound is definitely unignorable, even at the lowest, so I tend to run it in my son's room while he's not there.

The filter is a standard HEPA, and I'm sure will last a long time, but I can't seem to find a replacement, except at Scosche's site, and they run $15, so you may want to pick up a couple, because in a year's time when it's time to replace who knows if they may have them.  Just in case.

I wondered if it might be possible to spritz in even some essential oils (like the tiniest dab) on the intake to help fill the room with that smell.  I'll let you experiment.

I did like that it uses USB-C to run (I have cables usually everywhere), and it was just a shame that for that price it wouldn't run on it's own battery (so you could run without power).  That is a huge missed point for me.  Being able to take it into the car and run on its own power would be a huge win.  But, if I want to bring it into the kitchen ... the one place I don't have a charging cord, I'll have to bring one in, or run it off a portable battery pack.

I wish the controls were a little more ... intuitive.  The unit automatically turns on and starts as soon as it's plugged in (not normal behaviour with tech) and then to switch the lo/hi modes you hit the power button to toggle between.  But, to power off it's a long press on the power button.  I just think the buttons could have been adjusted.

But, I'm being picky... it's not all that hard to get used to and to be honest, just works simply.  Maybe I'm overthinking it.