Phogs on Stadia is some finger dexterity

I do love a good puzzle game and Phogs is a really weird take on that genre.  The game was one of the free games added to the Stadia Pro library this month.

The idea is your ... phog?  a double headed like pug dog, moves around.  But one set of controls moves one end, another the other end.  On a game pad one analog stick moves one and and the other stick moves the other.  I used the keyboard and WASD moved the blue end, the arrow keys moved the red.

You move them around solving puzzles, getting them to bark or bite on to something that moves it to some other place.

It's a little disconcerting at first but you slowly get the hang of it.  Unfortunately there's not a lot of ... tutorial ... to the game so you just gotta kinda figure it out on your own.  Like I did with that one pipe bit.

Here's me goofing around and playing.

...and then the solution (which I had to cheat to find out)