Play Cribbage JD on your tablet

So, recently I re-discovered my love of the game of Crib.  So I found a good game to play on my phone, but sometimes what you play on your phone doesn't work so well on your tablet, and vice versa.

I have my tablet almost always in the landscape mode, so I wanted to find a game that works.  From my testing around I found Cribbage JD and I liked it the best of the options I could find.

This was a good balance of play, showing some scoring (not just too fast) and the adverts.

What's nice about this too is that you can set up online play - if you want to play against a friend or just a random internet stranger, instead of just against the computer.

There is some 'trophies' you can get for a variety of different 'achievements' in the game which earn you coins, and then you can use those coins to buy things like different skins for the cards or the table etc...

Best of all for me, I like seeing the crib board and the actual pegs moving about.

So, if you like crib (like me) you have now 2 good options of games to play. And this is my choice if you use a tablet.

Get it on Google Play