Classic card game Cribbage on your phone

It's actually been a bit since I've gotten to sit down with some friends play a few good games of crib.  We used to have a few groups where you could just play for hours and the games would whip by so quickly... "15 2 15 4 and the rest don't score".

I wanted to find a copy of a good game on my phone and there were a lot of options. But a lot of ads and just... nothing fit just right.  

Then I came upon Cribbage Classic.

This is a good option for me.  Minimal ads, reminds of the rules ... just wish it had a crib board to watch the pegs.

It gives you the proper scoring and does it sequentially so you can follow (it does the scores for flush and nobs/nibs... I've never played by those rules myself) and you just play against a computer.  Might be neat to set it up to play against a friend if possible.

There's also a neat feature where you can 

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