Fun little brainteaser game - Blastomancer

This is a neat little thinker game... it does get a little frustrating, and I'm usually very good at these kinds of games.

It's a simple little game of throwing bombs at the screen to clear away obstacles.  Some bombs go really far (in that cross pattern like in Bomberman), and some obstacles need a couple bombs thrown to get rid of it.  You can tell that by the number on the bomb to give you it's 'range' and then the number on the obstacle tells you how 'resilient' it is.

As you get further and further you'll get different colour bombs.

Throw the bombs in the right order in the right places and you'll clear the level of the obstacles.  Don't do that, and you run out of bombs and have to redo it.

Sometimes you'll get 'helper bombs' that let you undo a shot, or give you a hint... I'm usually of the persuasion that these puzzles you shouldn't need them and clear logical thinking and patience should reign.

That being said, I am stuck on the 2nd world, level 5.  Grumble.

But it's a great fun little diversion while we hunker down over the holidays and we're about to be hit by a huge blast of cold for a few days, so nice to stay warm inside and do something to stretch the brain cells.

Source:  Blastomancer

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