Uboxing the EPOS H3 Hybrid

Who's all living their lives on videoconferences lately, or even tho' things are opening up, but often we're still staying home and not going many places so we're binging shows and playing some streaming games.

For all of this we need a good audio.

For me welded in place for my meetings for work, I don't mind having a wired set, and I loved the EPOS H3 set.  A super comfy set with a great boom mic (not having to worry about a dangling inline mic and where it's sitting) - but they just brought a new updated model that is a hybrid of having a wired connection but also Bluetooth.  

I present the EPOS H3 Hybrid for $259CDN

Pretty neat, so not only do you have the option for wired or Bluetooth, but you can even do BOTH at the same time (connect to the Switch with a cord and then BT with your phone for Discord! to hear both at once).  Even neater is that the mic is now removable via a strong magnetic connection.

I'll have a review up in a week after I've put it through its paces, but so far I'm loving it!