Handy trick for keeping your Vaccine Passport easily ready on your phone

Thanks to a friend on Facebook (hey Jon), just found this out to help keep your Vaccine Passport ready at hand using Google Pay (or if you're on iPhone with Apple Wallet).

Before this, I had downloaded my passport, screenshot it and saved it into Google Keep and then pinned it in Keep.  Thought it was smart and easy to find that way.

With this method, it adds the QR code and basic details to a card in Google Pay, and cool enough, makes a quick shortcut you can add to your homescreen to have it super easy at hand.

Now, do so at your own risk, this isn't someone from Google, or Ontario Health... Vaccine-Ontario.ca is a volunteer group of people that built a website to help people find vaccination clinics.   Read over their FAQ if you want to know more:  https://grassroots.vaccine-ontario.ca/faq

Here's what you do:

Go to https://grassroots.vaccine-ontario.ca/

From there it gives you the link to where you can go to your province's site and download your vaccination certificate.  If you already have it saved, skip this part.

Then you either then upload the certificate, or use the camera to scan.  It automatically creates a little card with the QR code, your name, and the 2 dates of your vaccinations (and which type)

Now here's where it is real value add.  There's now a button to just 'add to G Pay' and you tap it, and if you have G Pay installed, it launches the app and adds it as a card.

Even better, the next option that pops up is it allows you to add a shortcut to your homescreen for it.

Here's the catch... I don't know how you'd do that outside of that option.  I can't see a Widget, or a G Pay shortcut feature.  I'm sure there's an option somehow but not readily, easily available (3rd party launchers I'm sure have that option).

So pretty cool.  Now, if I go to a restaurant, I can tap an icon on my homescreen to bring it up for the staff to scan.  Way easier.