Canada will get first shot at YouTube Music background experience

It's been how long since I've been shoved from GPM to YTM.  Still not a fan.

And then we get this headsup notice that on November 3, only Canadians will get access to a new upcoming feature of YouTube Music - background playback.

I was like - finally.  And then I thought about it.

I can already play music in the background.  I do it everyday.  I put my earbuds in, start up my playlist, jump on the bike and go on my way to work.

The key there is MY playlist.  I purposely have just narrowed my use of YTM to just my own library of uploaded music.  

If you want to listen to 'any' music outside of that, you're limited to listening only while the app is open, which will have ads.  Unless you have the Premium account.  Then no ads, and listen how you will.

Now, next up hopefully is a Wear app for EVERYBODY!