Unboxing the Nest Wifi (with Point)

I know... $349CDN for a router is a pretty expensive option.  But for those serious in having a good stable Wifi connection, and let's face it, most houses will probably need some sort of mesh system to have good coverage, you're going to be in this ballpark range already.

But, let's save some of the discussion for the review.

In the meantime, here's me unboxing the set of the router and an access point.

Really looking forward to using it and replacing my older mesh router.  Sure, it's one less than than the previous, but the extra point also acts as a home mini.  Nice... not that I don't have 

That being said, there are a HECK OF A LOT of smart things in my house that will need to be changed over.  19 smart lights, 5 minis, 3 hubs, several of my own mobile devices, a couple Chromecasts, a few Roku, ... I had to make a Google Task just to keep track of them all.  Worse than trying to remember which devices in your house don't change the time in in the old days.

Not only what devices, but most of those are in Google Home, so the only way to change the Wifi connection for them is to one by one go in and tell it to forget, then re-set it up.

It's a lengthy process that I'm sure I'm missing one step to make it super easy, but I'll have to put up an article just on my process for it.

Stay tuned!