My new addiction game - EvoPop

Yeah, everybody needs a distraction these days... a simple game to play and take your mind off of things for a few moments.

Sure, I have Stadia, but that means loading it up, grabbing th econtroller.  Something simple on my phone is a nice and easy.

Lately, it's been this game: EvoPop

You have these little 'creatures' that have different abilities to evolve, grow, multiply... then special spells to help them as you're pitting into a field with 2 other teams... first to get to 300 evos wins, or you can eat the other evos if your evo is bigger than them.

Win battles and you get 'prestige points' (not sure what that is tho'), you can get evo points and level up your evos stats, or get special spells... all those cost a variety of gems and coins, which you only get by either watching ads or paying.

A pain, but it's playable with out paying.