Kemono Heroes on Stadia

Sometimes I just love a mindless game of some hack and slash, sidescrolling away.

I just started playing that Kaze and the Wild Masks, but I thought I'd give this Kemono Heroes a try as well.

Didn't look like much, but I started the stream to start playing and next thing you know an hour had gone by.

Wow, and after I stopped streaming, I kept playing another hour too... it's a nice mindless just play through.  Not too challenging.

What's interesting is how little info they give you in the game.  Not that you really need it and almost spurs you on to keep investigating.

Like how you end a level and then you're presented with a cutscene with... a plate or something... and then keep moving on.

I got through all the way to a real tough boss just after I cut the stream and I beat it, but then suddenly I'm turned to stone and then re-start at 1-1 and I'm a different colour ... but keep going.  It's ... definitely time consuming and not all that challenging - just enough.  There are some bullet hell parts, like the riding in the clouds (which on the second go through you just have to jump cloud to cloud, making it tougher for sure).

Very interesting game.