New Samsung Galaxy A32 and A52 offer 5G at a lower price point

Samsung has just brought out their Galaxy A32 and A52 with 5G to get more folks ready for the new 5G networks without having to go to the top end flagship prices.

We are happy to announce that Samsung Electronics Canada will be bringing the new Galaxy A Series 5G to Canada. The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G unveiled on March 17, together with the Galaxy A32 5G announced earlier in March, come outfitted with awesome Galaxy innovations to stream, capture and experience the things that matter most at a price you'll love.


The Galaxy A52 5G reflects an ongoing commitment from Samsung to provide awesome mobile experiences to Galaxy A fans at an affordable price point. The highly accessible Galaxy A32 5G delivers some of the best core features from Samsung. Announced in March, the Galaxy A32 5G pairs some of the best core features from Samsung with one of the most affordable 5G devices on the market.



The new Galaxy A Series 5G devices will be available in Canada at a later date, with pricing and availability details to come.