Red Dead Redemption 2 - most boring game in the west

As much as I am just loving some of the games on Stadia (looking at you Fenyx) - some are ... just bad.  

Red Dead Redemption 2 - I thought this was supposed to be a cool game (there was an episode of South Park they talked about it a lot).  So, I thought to give it a whirl on Stadia.

Man, the first few hours playing the game barely felt like I was playing a game - more like watching a bad western that had some interactive moments.

I once had to go camp with this guy who was hunting and set up camp, and make some bear bait.  Oh, and another time I had to fix a wagon wheel.

All the while, it feels like you're walking through mud it's so slow.  The first part of the game you literally are walking through snow.  And you have to find John who's wandered off and you can't go to far in the wind and snow and the horses have to stop its so deep so you slowly turdge through snow... it was like 5 minutes of just following ... was it Charles or Javier?  I forget.

Needless to say it's boring.

Mostly it's cinematic sotry telling and following around slowly as you're led around, but there's no real point... it's ambling around, and I get these 'world games' allow you to try to find your own path through the game and side quests.  But it's just ... boring.

Here's me just playing and I'm so bored of it.

It does look good and the animations are awesome for streaming, but ugh...