Nothing is buying Essential

Okay, without context, that title seems really vague - especially given the pandemic right now and 'essential workers' etc... okay, but I digress.

You remember the Essential company?  Andy Rubin, father of Android, started his own little Essential PH-1 phone.  Damn, that was a fine phone.

Well, then nothing really happened after that.  There was hope of a PH-2, but... it ph-izzled.

Then there was another company you may have heard about, OnePlus .. it was a weird company, and its founder found his way outside the company - and just recently started his own company called "Nothing".

And that's how we get our title, a new company called "Nothing" is going to be buying an older company called "Essential".

We can make all kinds of jokes, but that's not what this site is about.

The folks over at AndroidPolice have some more information on the purchase.

I think it'd be cool.  OnePlus had a pretty good first phone, and the PH-1 was a solid winner.  Imagine what Nothing can do!