Immortals Fenyx Rising (gameplay) - what a fun game

I've been a little "Stadia-heavy" lately, but during a pandemic lockdown, not much else to do but game (especially with the polar vortex we're experiencing some really harsh cold temps).

A few weeks back Stadia had given a preview of Immortals Fenyx Rising a while back and I enjoyed the little beta world they were giving us. 

Now that it's out, I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying it.

I find that it's very nostalgic of one of my all-time favourite games:  Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver.  Man playing it got me watching also a bunch of old game play videos of that game.. what a story.

But Raziel's wings are so reminiscent of Fenyx who's using the wings of Daedalus and the floating around, even the fight moves and launch in the air, solving of puzzles etc...

Anyways, here's a bit of me playing it, and then me struggling...

just some game play and me getting stuck on a vault

Solving the Ares vault