Developer Preview of Android 12 now out for Pixels

Ooh, I do love something new, and ... so tempted to try to put the new Android 12 developer preview on one of my Pixels.  So tempted.

Android 12, we've seen some teases out there of what's coming and I've been wary of sharing them because you never know about some sources (and nothing was super ... amazing); but I do love testing.

If you have a Pixel device, you can go to the site and download it for yourself.

Then you'll be able to check out the features before its ready for the general public.  

Now, I miss that they give the versions dessert names (Android 10 was the first 'non-name' for a release, and was the last that hinted it was Q version) - but Android 12 has been 'codenamed' SC for 'snow cone' (fyi, Android 11 was codenamed rvc for 'red velvet cake').

Are you going to give it a shot?