Unboxing the newest Pixel 4a - the Pixel 4a 5G

Okay, this one is weird... I love my Google stuff, but this makes little sense.

They take the Pixel 4... make a 4a (i.e. take some stuff out, make it a little more economical).

But ... then they add 5G to it.  Unlike others where they just add in the radio... they call it the 4a 5G... but really it's the 4a+ 5G.

See, it's got more screen (6.2" vs. just 5.81"), then you beef up the processor a smidge (go from a Snapdragon 730 to 765), throw in a wide angle rear lens and give it almost 25% more battery...

What's going on here?  It's almost not the 4a anymore... it's more like the 5a, but bigger!  SMDH

That being said, it's a nifty little phone that I almost like more than the 5 so far.  If it only had Qi.