The Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard case (doesn't fit the Tab S7)

So, in my review of the Tab S7 I mentioned that having a keyboard would definitely be needed ... so they sent me one to add to the review.

Unfortunately it was the keyboard case for S7+ ... it doesn't fit, obviously, but you get the picture on how it would work.

For $280CDN that's a hefty price to pay (for the S7) ON TOP of the near $1000 price for the tablet.  But, without it, I feel it's awkward.

As it's 2 separate parts, I feel it can be a little flimsy if you want to treat it like a traditional laptop - ie. putting it on your lap or the edge of a couch etc... You'll definitely need a table top in order to get the best out of it.

At least it has the trackpad!