Pixels get a new Clock feature for bedtime!

The work-life balance is very ... delicate for those that are working from home these days.

How do you really stop working when you're always at your 'office'.  

For me, I try to stay away from my 'business basement' once the work day is over and learning to really put down the work device and shy away from answering emails... but, it's hard.  Often if someone is messaging me after hours it's because it's something important.

Having work stress reach you outside of work hours can have a detrimental effect on people and I think we're all recognizing it by now that our mental health is an important factor to watch, and it's important for us to watch our screen times.

Digital Wellbeing is a service on Pixel devices for a while, and yesterday we got an update that augments that with a 'bedtime' option in the Clock app.

In the clock app you'll see a new option on the bottom tab called Bedtime.

Check out Google's description of it and how you can have some relaxing sounds, and gentle alarms for the morning.