Goodbye Google+, hello Currents

Seriously, Currents sounds SUPER familiar and I just can't place my finger on it.  I can picture an app logo with like a circle...

FOUND IT, knew it sounded familiar.

Okay... anywho.

Google has finally laid to rest Google+.  Sure, to you and me, it was dead for some time now, but still available for G Suite users (i.e. like an interoffice chat only), it is now being officially renamed as "Currents"

Which is... like ... dumb, right?

You wouldn't say "let's kill Picasa, but call it Orkut..." or "ya know, Google Reader is done, but let's rename it Wave". You can't name a dead product after another dead product? 

Anywho... does anybody still use it?  I know I still SUPER miss the hell out of G+.