New Nest Aware pricing kicks in for Canada

I had JUST bought the Nest Aware subscription last week, and THIS week they announce the new pricing.

I was thinking that ... "yikes, $5/month PER UNIT can get pricey".  I got the $50/year and just for the doorbell.  I really liked the setting up of the zones.  But I couldn't justify adding more devices.

Well, with the new pricing scheme, it's all inclusive for $8/month or $80/year you get ALL cameras and devices.  And it's 30 days history, not just the 5 day option I was getting.  So for just $30 more a year I can get both my cameras covered.

Gotta admit it's a bit of a pain tho' to do any switching as you go to and go to the subscriptions then it makes you change to Canada, then you have to go to subscriptions and even then it doesn't really cover the difference between Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus.  I get it's now 60 days instead 30 (for $16/month or $160/year).

Found it...24/7 vs. Events

Essentially, Nest Aware doesn't give you access to all the 'film'/recordings over the past.  Currently, with my normal Nest Aware, I can go back to any point in the past 5 days and start watching and export a clip.

What the new version looks like is that it'll only allow you to go back to 'events' for the past 30 days (i.e. it spotted someone, heard a sound, or movement in a 'zone'), versus having a full timeline.

Good to know.  I kinda like having FULL access with my $50/yr plan I have now.  Kinda fun speed scrolling through the sun rising some days and watching shadows (can you tell we're bored yet?) versus I can only move to times that it thinks I need.

I can see the advantage.  I don't need this thinking chunking up all my bandwidth all the time sending video to the cloud.  

You can check out more details about Nest Aware here:

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