Huawei's AppGallery adds Here WeGo

I've got my review pending for the P40 Pro right now... it's taking some time to craft.

A BIG piece of it will be the absence of the apps I'm used to.  Well, the AppGallery is still new and continuing to add to its arsenal, and today they added Here WeGo, a navigation software.

We have been working hard to bring the most popular Canadian and global apps together under one roof and we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition: Here WeGo, a maps and navigation solution in HUAWEI AppGallery.  You might already be familiar with it.


It’s available for download immediately.  Unlike other mapping solutions, Here WeGo can be used offline – all you have to do is download your specific country, in our case Canada (ha!).


The software has its origins back in the 80s – remember Navteq? It then evolved through a variety of iterations including OVI and then Nokia Maps. The platform was sold to a number of auto makers, including Audi and BMW to power in-car navigation – and that’s the key.


Here WeGo is designed to deliver class-leading navigation services – great news for users who turn to their smartphones for navigation needs, including increasingly in-car.


Earlier this month, HERE Technologies was the number one pick for location services by Counterpoint Research. The research firm’s Neil Shah said “HERE continues to emerge as the world’s leading and most comprehensive location platform in our evaluation.”


HERE WeGo works in different transportation modes as well, even walking.  And there’s voice-guided navigation.


If you choose to use it online, you’ll see there’s live traffic and public transit info (for more than 1,300 cities around the world).