Google Maps turns 15 and changes its icon

It's true, more and more I check Google Maps nowadays to look for anything that is a 'place specific' question.  Is this store open, what kind of beers does that restaurant sell, etc...  It's not just directions anymore.

Maps, over the past 15 years has been more and more of a resource for anything destination related.  This new update, aside from a new icon includes better access to see the things that were there already, but kinda hidden... events, or menus.

I can't tell you how often I have to use the Google Maps timeline to look at where I had been and when (came in really handy during discussions around who's house did we go to last year for Christmas dinner).

I love the '"For You" section.  It's been there before, but it's really hyping up its game.  In my hometown there isn't a lot that's 'discovery' for me, but it's interesting that places that it's doing a good job of matching me with, that when I go to new places it will be interesting to see how it handles there.