Changing the voice of your Google Assistant in Canada

Having several different Assistant devices in our home and all the answers come in the same voice.

I like changing the voice of the Assistant so that I know a little more clearly that it knew it was talking to me.

The Google Assistant settings let you have several options so every member of the family can have a different voice for their answers.

The difficult part is that for Canadians we don't get that option...

The trick is that you have to go into the Assistant settings.

Quickest way for that is to go into Google Home and hit your profile at the top right, then you'll see Assistant settings, from there you'll see "Assistant Settings".  You could do it from Google as well.

Now, if you're in Canada, your language is set to English CAN... so you won't see the Assistant Voice option.

So, go into the languages and change the English CAN to English United States.  Go back and now you'll see the settings for the Voice.

From there you'll have 10 options to listen to a preview and pick your favourite.

What will you choose?

Now, your Assistant will have a new voice across all the devices.

But... if you go back to English CAN, well, it reverts to the default.  Lame.