Google's getting ready to lift the Pixel 4 veil - October 15

So, it's the last day of September today, and that means tomorrow we start October.

October... like it's officially fall in our collective minds once the calendar switches.

With the colour changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and all costumes 'sexified' (I still don't know what I should be for Hallowe'en) comes the new Pixel.

This year Google has October 15th in its site for the release of the new device.

I'll be you know that I'm excited for a new Pixel.  Not that the 3 wasn't awesome, but the 4 ... well, how can they really improve on what I still think is the best rounded phone out there.

Here's a quick summary of some of the 'rumours' out there.

5.7" or 6.3"
90Hz refresh rate
Snapdragon 855
64GB/128GB storage
12MP + 16MP telephoto
Soli radar for face unlock / gestures
2800mAh or 3700mAh
Android 10
In-display fingerprint sensor (I'll still miss the back sensor)