Google Photos now has a better 'memories' feature

So every day we turn on Facebook we get those "hey remember that moment from like 5 years ago".  Then now and again we'd get a "remember this day 4 years ago" from Google Photos Assistant.

It always made me wonder, what with all our sharing and photos taken ... why not 3 years ago, or 12 or ...

Well, a recent update with Photos now does just that.

I first saw it on my iPhone and I was about to get mad but by this morning it was on my phone (there was no app update, so it must have been something server side).

So you see that you get a row of the past years that you can tap and see photos from the date on the years ago that you have photos for.

Clicking on them you get a 'story' similar to like Facebook / Instagram.

I don't know how extra useful it's going to be, but I like it.  I love Google Photos and it's THE app I recommend anybody... no matter what device they're using, that they should get.  It's such a powerful tool.

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