Nomad's new Kevlar cables are awesome

So, I recently went on vacation and in doing so I needed to bring my devices.  I had my phone, my work phone (contracts should have been coming in so I needed to have it just in case), my tablet ... my son needed his Switch and his phone.  We brought one of his friends and she had a tablet.  Then my wife had her phone too.

We needed to keep them all charged up ... that's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8... no, just 7.  So I needed to have a bunch of cables.  Perfect time for me to test out the new Kevlar cables from Nomad.

They're new, they're long and they have Kevlar on the outside to protect it from all the abuse my son and his friend can throw at it.

The big question when you look at these cables to the previous iteration ... well, aside from the fact that they only have the Kevlar options now at Nomad, but if you had the older versions like I do, is it worth the upgrade?

To be honest, on its face value, there isn't any real physical appeal difference between the cables except for the connector housing.  In the previous, the housing is just hard plastic. 

Now it's a metallic casing with plastic.  It really adds to make it a premium feel to it.

The sheathing on the cable exterior looks and feels exactly the same tho'.  They feel newer, but that's just about it.  But you can rest assured that it is Kevlar out there so it'll withstand some abuse (then again the older ones have not shown any signs of wear and tear).

If you have the previous cable and need replacement (not sure why, they are built to really last) then get them.  Otherwise, it's not really an upgrade for you at this time.

If you need new cables, these are seriously what I'm recommending.  Seriously, I use these for all my charging.  I love the adapter on the end options, I have one sitting always in my messenger bag.  I use these any time I need charging on the go because I know that they can really withstand pushing into bags or being stretched out and re-coiled back up a lot.

Speaking of the cable management, I just LOVE the coil manager they have with that silcone.  It holds VERY well and yet it's easy enough to adjust and manage.  Maybe it's my OCD, but I just hate loose cables.  This always ensures that it looks neat for when you need it.

I know they can be more expensive.  $35USD (that is for the 1.5m USB-C with adapter for micro and USB-A on either ends) is a lot for a cable that you just need to plug in.  But, with the cheaper cables, I lose them, they get bent and kinked.  Plus, having the adapters always on cable is very handy.

All in all, my favourite cable out there.

Pick up yours here: